Vows and Your Ceremony Script

You’re getting married, and you need to know what is included in a ceremony script. While your wedding ceremony can be completely unique or totally traditional we believe knowing the basic structure will help jump start your ceremony planning process. Using the VowMaster application you can customize your ceremony with ease.


The Prelude
Seating of the grandparents and parents
Wedding Processional
Bridal Processional
Declaration of Intent
Exchange of Vows and Rings
Reading or Unity Ceremony
Blessing of the Marriage
Presentation of the Bride + Groom


Again, you get to choose what to include and what to leave out. You and the most vocal and judgmental people in your life, yay. Here are the decisions you’ll need to make while planning out your ceremony:


Your Fab! officiant can make announcements before or after or during the ceremony, or not at all. But an announcement can really help your guests understand what happens next, where to go, or what to do when you walk back down the aisle (like tossing petals or blowing bubbles). This would also be a great time for your Fab! officiant to sternly requests guests put their phones on silent and/or off.  When or do you want your officiant to make an announcement?


How will your important family members be seated? How do you want your wedding party to enter, single file or as couples? Who do you want to escort you and when do you want to enter? What songs do you want all of these people to walk down the aisle to? 


Prayers, poems, and other nice things to say about relationships, love and living, or maybe a remembrance of those who cannot be at your wedding. Do you want a reading and who will give it? Is the person you have in mind comfortable with public speaking?


This part of your ceremony is actually legal. You need to give consent that you do indeed want to get married. How do you want the question posed of your intent to enter into a marriage relationship?


Most people think about a unity candle or sand pouring ceremony, but your unity ceremony can be religious, traditional, secular or cultural. It symbolizes to people becoming one. Would you like to have a unity ceremony? What kind of unity ceremony?


Vows and exchanging rings are promises that you make to one another, whether reading them or repeating after the officiant, either separate from exchanging rings or done simultaneously. How do you want to exchange rings, what do you want to say? Do you want to write your own vows, read them individually or repeat them after the officiant?


Once you’ve said our I do’s it’s time to celebrate! Your Fab! officiant can make an announcement before presenting you as a couple and encouraging you to kiss! Here are a few ways you can be introduced:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Homer Simpson,
  • Mr. and Mrs. Simpson
  • the married couple of Homer and Marge
  • Mr. and Mrs. Homer and Marge Simpson
  • I now pronounce you husband and wife/wives/husbands!
  • Homer Simpson and Marge Bouvier

How do you want to be introduced?

The welcome will usually be written by your officiant, and we highly encourage you to let them have creative freedom in this section if nowhere else. Writing an introduction for someone else can really make your wedding sound stiff and robotic. The blessing of the marriage can be religious or agnostic, but it’s usually another personal moment for your officiant to either deliver solo or to include others in.

The wedding script is the heart of the wedding ceremony. The script will spell out a large majority of everything that will be said during the ceremony, but a good officiant and a great public speaker will fill in gaps, make connections and improvise depending on you and your wedding guests. You want your officiant to be able to be flexible if someone is laughing or crying, if there is wind or if the sun peeks out from the clouds, or if your adorable flower girl starts putting petals in people’s laps instead of on the ground. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of putting together your own ceremony script? Don’t be! Start with our VowMaster or let your Fab! officiant help you sort through the process. That’s the basics, now keep up the good work and start hammering out those details!




Photo by Lynne Halterman