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This is wedding planning the Fab way!



Here is the overall planning and design process for creating your perfect wedding day

  • First planning meeting

    • We will draft an outline of your day of timeline.

  • Vendor meetings

    • You will be responsible for scheduling meetings with any vendors you booked, through us or not. Here are the vendors that can be selected as part of your package:

      • Bakery

      • Catering

      • Floral arrangements decorator

      • Linens decorator

      • Florist / fresh flowers designer

      • Photographer / Engagement shoot

      • DJ

      • Officiant

  • Second planning meeting

    • We will meet again for an update design meeting closer to your wedding. The best time November - April.

  • Confirmation email

    • Two weeks before your wedding all details should be finalized. At this point we will email you the timeline and room layout for a final review and approval, you will have 2 days to make any final changes. A final guest count will be due and no changes may be made after this date.

  • Confirmation call

    • For your wedding day you will be assigned an event manager, they will call you to go over the party plan, and confirm with you a date for setup and decorations drop off.  If there is no event the day before yours we can start early, if not, most of the set up will be done sometime between midnight and noon on your wedding day.  Remember, setup and takedown is part of your wedding package, you do not need to join us, but are welcome to.

  • Decor drop off

    • Best practice is to drop off decor the day of your rehearsal, minimizing the number of trips you need to make. We will confirm that all of your decor boxes are labeled and that all decor has been listed on the layout and timeline. If you add any last minute items please do so before your two week confirmation email.

  • Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

    • This will be coordinated during your second planning meeting.

  • Wedding Day

    • We’ll handle all the details, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the day!

    • Please note that Saturday’s are a popular tour date, brides and grooms just like you with busy lives may find themselves only available to see the space for their upcoming wedding on the day of yours. We limit tours to before noon and will do our very best to be inconspicuous. Don’t worry, your event manager will not be giving the tour and will still be dedicated to making your day great!

  • Pick up decor

    • This will be coordinated during your second planning meeting, we will assign 1-2 people to take gifts and cards and any decor, either the night of your wedding or the next day. Either way, our staff will pack up all of your decor and help load vehicles.

  • Enjoy being married!

    • Don’t forget to leave us a five star review after your fab wedding! 

WEdding links

Please use the following links to access your wedding information:

- Sample room layouts
- Music play list (enter wedding date and password)
- Ceremony Music ideas
- Vow customizer (enter user ID and password)


Candles can add a beautiful and romantic glow to a room, but can also add a deadly and frightening glow to a whole building.

Great care must be taken when using candles.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Real candles are acceptable in the main room as long as the tip of the flame is at least 1 inch below the lip of the holder/vase. If this distance is not possible due to the shape of the vase, then the candles CANNOT be lit, LED candles can be used instead.

Real candles are only allowed in the main room, where guests are present at all times. Real candles are not allowed in restrooms, storage areas, changing rooms, or any other unattended areas.

In the lobby, any real candles should be in a vase with the tip of the flame at least 5 inches below the lip of the vase.

Examples found here

Staff availability guarantee

We guarantee that a qualified representative will be on site for your wedding to provide the services you reserved; while we will do our best to provide the person you’ve requested, circumstances beyond our control may make it necessary for us to replace the representative you chose with another one.

We reserve the right to substitute the chosen representative in such cases. A refund will not be given in such circumstances. However, should we be unable to provide a substitute, you will receive a full refund of funds paid for that service and a $50 payment as an apology. This is our availability guarantee.

Changes and Agreement Terms

Are included in the quote/agreement PDF document. Please review. You have one week from the agreement date to cancel of request changes to the terms. After that first week, the agreement will be in effect.