Do I Need Ceremony Programs?

Programs can be a thank you, a memorial, and an introduction printed on paper. You can acknowledge key people present at or in your wedding, or who have passed away. You can include a list of the highlights of your ceremony (reading titles, song names, etc.) and what is happening after the ceremony. But programs are absolutely optional.

Indeed, adding programs to your to do list brings with it many check boxes. Besides the design and print process, you’ll need to get them to your ceremony location, set them somewhere or designate someone to pass them out and to pick them up at the end of the ceremony. 

Here are some pros and cons of having a ceremony program:

PRO: It gives your guests knowledge

CON: It might distract from the ceremony - because they can one out and re-read their papers

PRO: It gives your guests something to do with their hands, something to hold

CON: Guests will likely not take them with you, meaning you have a lot of recyclable papers left behind

PRO: It can make those listed in the program feel honored and special

CON: It costs extra money that could be spent on other things for your wedding

If cost is a deciding factor, think about having one main program sign, that lists all of the information and acts as a great centerpiece for your decor.

Fab! Weddings can work with you to design programs that will best suit your wedding and your personality, because you can choose to or not to include a variety of information.

Information you can include on your ceremony program:

  • Ceremony outline
  • Song names
  • Reading titles
  • Names of the people in your processional and/or wedding party, you can include their roles and their relationship with you
  • Hymnals
  • Thank you
  • Memorial
  • Information about the reception
  • Logo or monogram

Whether you opt for ceremony programs or not, we know your wedding will be Fab! Questions, comments, or concerns? Type them below in the comment section and we’ll be sure to respond!




Photo by Nicki Lynn Photography