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Fab! Weddings started with George Maverick and a dream to make weddings less stressful and more fun. He started as a wedding officiant but quickly saw the need for more.

You want a wedding that will be worth the investment, that will put your family first and ensure that all the loose ends are tied up and taken care of.

"Brides and grooms, you want a wedding that is beautiful, right? But you don't want to watch your money get flushed down the drain. 

Most other companies will tell you how much they care about you, but WE will SHOW you how much we care about you. We are a small company that likes to pay attention to details and make sure you get exactly what you want, not what WE want."


a Wedding worth the investment

... And that's why we've expanded our services to include venue rentals with all inclusive packages, DJs, photographers and anything your wedding needs and your heart desires. Click the service to see how we make weddings Fab!



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Your Fab! Wedding Team

There are a great many team members that will help ensure your day is perfect perfect but it all starts here.



"While every other venue wants to be your landlord, you know, they set the rules and you obey and work to their satisfaction to setup without enough time to set up, then jump into hair and make-up, getting dressed so that you can rush through photos, gulp a quick drink, kiss on cue, dance a bit, and then rush to take everything down before you get charged for staying past your venue rental time.

While every other venue wants to be your landlord, I will be the man behind the curtain, who works hard and obeys your wishes. On your wedding day you won’t be the kitchen-maid Cinderella, but rather, the radiant, and happily ever after Princess Cinderella."

Christine corning

"Design of your wedding doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg to be special and meaningful. Small touches can really wow your guests and enhance their experience.

I can't wait to help you on your wedding day, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the day, basking in the love that will surround you. "



Nikki Thompson

"When I got married it was all a complete blur, I wish I had someone on the day of to hold my hand a bit, to tell me that things were going great and to hand me another glass of wine :) That's why I love Fab! Weddings so much, because we provide just that - support and love and help.

See for yourself by booking a tour today."

Andrea Parish

"When you book a wedding venue you aren't just saying yes to getting married in that particular place. You are opening the doors to a great and grand party that your closest friends and most loving family will join in on.

Take this process one step at a time, pace yourself and ask for help when you need it. I can't wait to meet you!"



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