The Importance of the Wedding Day Schedule

Your wedding without a timeline will not go well. It will feel chaotic, people will ask way too many questions and you will likely cry because of all the stress.

This is a fact. 

Ask any bride and any groom who has ever gotten married without a well laid out plan. Better yet, ask those couples who did have a timeline, did have a wedding planner and support from their wedding vendors. They will emphasize how great their day felt because there was a schedule and everyone knew what to expect next, even without them bossing everyone around.

How do you create a wedding day timeline?

You certainly don’t do it alone. Working with your Fab! wedding planner you’ll create a wedding day timeline that includes all of the important things:

  • Vendor arrival and departure times, including set up
  • Arrival time for you, your wedding party, your family, your wedding guests
  • Photo times
  •  Ceremony start time
  • Cocktail hour
  • Dinner, dancing, dessert and toast times

Your Fab! wedding planner will take into account things like travel time, and they’ll buffer your schedule with extra time to account for fluctuations that might come up. If your pictures go longer, you don’t want to stress out about delaying dinner or your ceremony. 

Your wedding day schedule will help give you clarity on things like how many hours you need a photographer, how long you’ll have your cocktail hour or your DJ play.

The best part about your wedding day timeline? You won’t have to execute it. You’ll help to create it and then hand it off to vendors, to your family and your wedding party and to your Fab! wedding day of coordinator. 

What will your wedding day look like?




Photo by Nicki Lynn Photography