How to Print Table Cards for Your Reception Seating

Assigning guests to tables isn’t a wedding requirement (unless your dinner is a plated meal with more than one entree option) but it is a good idea. Guests don’t want to get stuck sitting separately from their family, because they lingered too long at the bar. Nor do guests want to accidentally sit at the reserved family table (or not sit at the reserved family table).

We make it easy to create a seating assignment chart - we provide the board and the mini clips, the printable template, and we’ll even set it up for you. All you have to do is type in your guest names, proofread and hit print!

Keep reading for instructions on how to print table cards for your reception seating

  1. Start by sorting guests into small groups, 8 if you are getting married at Rosehenge or Glenhaven, 10 if you are getting married at Royal Cliff. Don’t overthink it! Guests will be able to get up and dance and mingle after dinner, you just want to make sure they have a spot to sit and eat.

  2. Next, look at your room layout, number each group of guests based on how close you want them to be to where you are sitting (or how close you want them to be to other guests).

  3. Type in each guest in the template provided below underneath their appropriate table.

  4. Proofread, double, and triple check name spelling. Also check to make sure you’ve assigned everyone to a table. The worst feeling is when you show up to a wedding but you don’t see your name… ‘guess I’ll just eat at the DJ table’.

  5. Hit ‘print’ and cut out your table card squares.

  6. Bring the table cards with you when you drop off decor, double check to make sure that the room layout and table numbers you have, are what we have.

For Word users, click this link to open Dropbox, then click download to edit
For Google Doc users, click this link to open Google Drive, then click ‘FILE > MAKE A COPY’ to edit. When printing print 4 to a page :)

Make sure that you follow your room layout, assigning guests only to tables that exist. For example, don’t assign guests to 12 tables, if you only have 10. If you need to add more tables, just ask! Also note, some tables may not need to be filled to capacity. If you are getting married at Glenhaven, and you have 127 guests (excluding the head table), then all but one table will have 8 guests at it. One lucky table will only need 7 guests.

Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration on how to make your wedding table cards unique and fun!