The Symbolism of Cutting the Wedding Cake

The cutting of the cake is an essential part of most wedding receptions. Even if you are opting for cupcakes or mini desserts, you likely still will want to have a small one or two tiered cake for cutting. It’s a sweet moment, a great photo opportunity and it symbolizes the first task accomplished together as a married couple.

After cutting your cake, you’ll likely feed each other bites of the first slice, symbolizing your mutual commitment to share and to provide for each other.


A wedding is a commitment to sharing whatever life brings you, to facing the journey together and doing so with love and with pure devotion. Cutting the cake together represents this commitment, which you vocalized in your vows, to love, honor and respect one another.

Some couples may choose to take it one step further and slice a piece of cake for their in-laws, representing your commitment to the whole family, to the one that you’ve just formed by marrying.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of cutting the wedding cake:

  • DO cut it together. Traditionally, the groom’s right hand is gently placed atop the bride’s right hand. You’ll cut the cake like a triangle slice, be sure to cut all the way through to the bottom.

  • DO pause for a bit and smile for photos, don’t worry about cutting quickly, you’ve got plenty of time!

  • DO feed each other if you feel comfortable, the groom feeds the bride first

  • DON’T smash the cake, either with your hands or one each other’s faces.

  • DON’T use your fingers, other people will want to eat this cake!

  • DON’T worry about saving the top tier, most bakeries will advise you to just get fresh cake on your anniversary, since freezer-burned cake doesn’t quite taste as great.

Your Fab wedding event manager and Fab wedding DJ will cue you to cut the cake, so don’t worry about timing, and once you’ve cut it dessert will be served!