On the wedding day, how late do we have access to the venue? Music ends at midnight, then you can mosey on out.

Can we leave cars overnight in the parking lot? Yes.

Are there hotels nearby that you suggest we book a wedding room block with? Yes! Click here to get more information.

Is the rehearsal included in our wedding package? Yes, a rehearsal is included.

Can we hire our own caterer? Yes, there is an additional fee for using an outside caterer, contact us for more information.

Can we bring in our own liquor? We provide this as a customized feature. There is a corking fee for liquor not sold in Minnesota or for bottles that you bring in. For example if you have friend who works at a brewery and he gives you 2 kegs as a gift for your wedding, there would be an additional charge. Another example, if you want a special blueberry vodka for your signature cocktails and it is not something that our supplier carries, you can source and bring in that liquor with an additional corking fee applied.

Can we hire a band to play at the venue? Yes.

Can we hire our own DJ? Yes, but they would not have access to our in house equipment or lighting, your DJ would need to bring in everything they need.

Are the venues air conditioned / paved / heated? Yes! And each venue comes with free parking.

Can I see the catering menu? Absolutely, we’ll review your options at your venue tour but click here to see what your wedding dinner can look like.

How much do your services cost? Click here to see a breakdown of the pricing.


What’s all inclusive mean?
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How much does videography cost?
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How much does a DJ cost?
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What is the cost of an all inclusive wedding at Rosehenge Hall?
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Where can I make a payment?