Frequently Asked Questions about Photography

  • How will we receive our photos? All images are in JPG format, high resolution, and with full copyright on a disc, USB drive or online gallery

  • When will we receive our photos? Typically 3 weeks after the wedding.

  • Can our photographer travel to more than one location? Yes, within the time you have hired them for.

  • Can we have the raw images so we can process them ourselves? This can be arranged, please contact us.

  • Can we add more time to the package we have? Most likely yes! Please contact us to verify your photographer’s availability.

  • Are there any restrictions on photography? No, however, some churches may limit or may not allow flash photography. Various locations may have restrictions on where the photographer may and may not stand – please check with them. At our venues, we just need to stay off the flower beds.

  • How much time do we need for a photographer? Check out the pricing packages, designed to ensure you get all the wedding photos you’ll want for your wedding. Also check out these blog posts:


Photo by Brant Hemingway

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