What Does a Wedding Day Assistant Do?

Your Cinderella chores will wait for you until Monday, so be a princess for a day! Yes, your only job on your wedding day is to just be. Be fabulous, that is! 

Oh, but we already know that someone will be later on their way to the ceremony, something will be forgotten in the trunk or at the hotel, and there will be some mending, mopping or reminding that will need to be done before the night is over.

Since none of these jobs are fit for a princess, you'll want a friend, or a professional, as your wedding day assistant.


This person should not wear high heels, but rather running shoes. Not a gown, but rather comfortable clothing. They will be in charge of cueing the start of the ceremony for you, after Aunt Jane runs to her seat. They will be in charge of coordinating groomsmen #4’s tie retrieval from the hotel for you, and they will be the one mending your flower girls dress, mopping up spilt drinks, and reminding your dad to speak into the microphone during the dinner blessing.

It’s a lot of work, but with the right person it will feel seamless, and with the right tools you wedding day assistant will be able to handle anything.


They will need a day-of schedule and a contact list (bridal party members, close relatives, and vendors). They will also need your trust and permission. Trust that they will do the things you want them to do, that they will have your best interest at heart during the whole day. Give them permission to use their best judgment when making last minute decisions, like waiting to start the ceremony until Aunt Jane, who is also doing a reading, arrives.

Talk to them about your overall vision and the things that are most important to you. Divulge all of your wedding day details, and then, trust them to be your assistant, so you can be relaxed and be fabulous.

Best practice: book your wedding at a Fab! wedding venue. Our all inclusive packages include a wedding day of coordinator, so you don’t have to worry about finding one, and your friend’s don’t have to begrudgingly agree to play this role. Our assistants are trained and adept, so let them get do the work.

Enjoy being princess for a day!




Photo by Marisa Claire Photography