Working with a Fab! Officiant

Once you’ve met our Fab! officiants virtually it’s time to book! You can check their availability here or give us a call and we will arrange for you to have a phone interview.

Remember that your Fab! officiant, whomever you choose, will be professional and knowledgable, make a decision based on which officiant you think will best fit your personality as a couple.

Once you pay the retainer you’re wedding will be scheduled, it is imperative to opt for a rehearsal at this time, if that is something you plan on doing. 

Once your retainer is paid you’ll receive log in information to our VowMaster, the easiest way to write your ceremony, completely customized, with expert templates.

On the wedding day, your Fab! officiant will arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony. They will take care of signatures/legal documentation, and will organize/coordinate the whole wedding party based on our experience and any requirements you have just before the ceremony start, so all details are fresh in everyone's mind. Should anyone forget anything, we'll direct them live during the ceremony - no worries. You just show up with your marriage license and we'll do the rest.


Should you need to change the time or location of your ceremony, we will need to reconfirm that this new time and/or date still works for your officiant, and we might have to reassign you to someone who can get to your new location and your new time.

Should your officiant become unavailable due to personal reasons, we'll contact you right away and will propose alternatives. Should we be unable to find a replacement in such an event, you will receive a full refund plus $50 as an apology. In the many years we've been in business, we've never been in this position... but nevertheless, this is our availability guarantee.




Photo by Lynne Halterman