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Words clients use to describe working with me:
knowledgeable, stress free, an expert, fun!

As the DJ I love being involved in celebration of the wedding. I also enjoy watching couples first dance, looking into each others eyes and smiling like they are they only ones in the room even though the room is full of people watching them. I am drawn to couples who are ready to party all night long, who will request new hits but also trust me to play to the crowd.

Weddings aren’t just about a 50/50 relationship, they’re about giving to your spouse 100% all of the time. Invite me to your wedding and we’ll start your marriage off with a bang!

- Steve

*Not Available for future bookings.

Steve Macke

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Red uplighting dance floor at Glenhaven Dj Steve Macke Minnesota wedding reception
Glenhaven outdoor wedding ceremony in Farmington, Minnesota
Steve Macke DJ uplighting at Minnesota wedding dance reception


“DJ Steve especially stood out to Jordan and I. He was so thoughtful, helpful, and easy going. He listened to our requests, kept the entire wedding on track with his announcements and really made us feel so confident we were in good hands. He played great music and really paid attention to what the crowd was enjoying.

One of my aunts said "this place is so great because the music is not too loud and it is fun yet tasteful." Another friend also told me "I have never been to a wedding where so many people are on the dance floor, all night long." Overall, I just want to say how great Steve was and how pleased we were with him.”

Annie & Jordan


“Steve is fantastic. One of our friends is a wedding DJ (so he has seen many weddings) and he let us know Steve's work at our wedding was one of the best he has seen. Steve read the audience well and left us feeling confident in his preparations and skill at every turn.”

Jake & Nicole


“We had such a great experience having Steve DJ our wedding! It was very easy to plan the details ahead of time and he was very accommodating the day of our wedding. The dance party was the highlight of our wedding!”

Elin & Michael


“Wow. What a great time we had, especially our guests. DJ Steve was such a great person to work with. We knew we didn't have anything to worry about. It may sound like a negative comment, but our guests were complaining that he played too many good songs, they needed a breather! It was honestly great though, we all enjoyed our time together. My favorite part was that I was able to go up to him and tell him what some of our guests were planning to do, and he knew the exact song that would be best for it!”

Haley & Tom