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Rosehenge Hall


Venue Details

  • Capacity: 220

  • Venue Type: Ballroom

  • Style: Elegant, Intimate, Romantic

  • Dressing Suite: Available for changing and final touches

  • Ceremony and reception on site with a quick room flip

  • 22' foot ceilings with beams

  • FX lighting and professional sound system

  • Rental includes table and chair setup, linens, table runner, and tear down

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"What an amazing experience. Rev. Maverick is unbelievably fun and entertaining. Frankly, everyone on the team we worked with was so friendly and helpful that we never felt awkward during any of our planning meetings. Cindyrella's Garden was absolutely beautiful with a clear view of a cute pond for an even more stunning backdrop. We picked out our invitations, flowers, cake, food and decor with near ease using a team of overly knowledgeable people who took us seriously and provided professional opinions to help us make the best decisions.

We never had to worry about how the food, cake or flower deliveries were going to be handled, which meant we did not have to obligate family or friend's to ensure everything made it safe and sound. At the end of the night, our only responsibility was to make certain we had collected the gifts and the personal pieces (the guest book for example) we had added. All of the clean-up was handled by George's crew and we didn't have to give anything a second thought. Do not underestimate this company. They take the worry out of the worst part of the planning stages and bring out your personality to make your day be that much more special.”